Instrument Freeze Protection

Bruest Catalytic Heaters are widely used for heating process gas prior to the inlet of critical instrumentation and valves. This helps prevent freezing temperatures from occurring within valves such as pilot regulators and can also provide the required warm gas input to instrumentation such as gas chromatographs.

Bruest model S1800 and S4000 Freez-Fiter instrument gas heaters are an ideal and compact solution for heating small volumes of gas for critical points in any system. A typical problem in the natural gas industry are pilot driven regulators. The pilots experience the same pressure drop, and thus the same temperature loss, as the main regulator. The Freez-Fiter S1800 and S4000 are perfectly suited for these application as they can be configured for Class I Division 1 Group D locations, operates on natural gas, and is compact to minimize the space required. With dual coil and temperature control options, a single Freez-Fiter can be used to supply temperature controlled warm gas to both worker and monitor pilots. When 12VDC preheat power option is selected, no commercial power is required simplifying installation tasks. Optionl jumper cable further simplies this task.

Bruest offers a range of Enclosure Heaters suitable for regulators, orifice plate meters, choke valves, control valves, and other instruments that require a low level heating for frost buildup prevention. When these instruments experience a pressure drop, the temperature loss that occurs can cause the moisture in the air to freeze and buildup on the device. This can result in a hazardous condition or cause the measurement to be inaccurate.

Bruest’s Enclosure Heaters can be installed in close proximity to the instrument. They are easy to install without a need to interrupt the service. The fuel gas train can include options such as gas filters, high pressure regulations, and temperature controllers. Bruest offers custom assembly packages to minimize field assembly tasks. Gas Chromatographs and other gas measurement or calibration devices may require clean and low pressure gas. Bruest built the custom instrument gas system to regulate the supply gas down to the required pressure using multiple regulation steps as well as a filter before the output. This design was built to the customer’s exact process and instrumentation design requirements.
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Enclosure Heaters

Bruest offers enclosure designs for most industrial gas instruments such as regulators, choke valves, meters, and other low volume consumption devices. Additional custom packages including addition of filters, regulation, and sizes are available.

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